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333 /trunk jpd002 6 years Some more compilation fixes.
332 /trunk jpd002 6 years Compilation fixes.
331 /trunk jpd002 6 years Added ReadString and Read32_MSBF in CStream.
330 /trunk jpd002 6 years Skip extra field properly in CZipArchiveReader.
329 /trunk jpd002 6 years Added build_unix and updated PathUtils to work on unix
328 /trunk jpd002 6 years Added "ReadString" function in CStream and fixed stack overflow problem in CZipArchiveReader.
327 /trunk jpd002 6 years Cleaned DeviceContext and CustomDrawn classes, added TextOut with color parameter in CDeviceContext.
326 /trunk jpd002 6 years Using proper include for varargs in string_format.
325 /trunk jpd002 6 years Don't resize bitmap if it's empty.
324 /trunk jpd002 6 years Cleaned Win32::CMenuItem a little bit.
323 /trunk jpd002 6 years Added Resize and ResizeCanvas in CBitmap.
322 /trunk jpd002 6 years Added width and height accessors in Win32::CRect.
Few improvements in Win32::CSplitter.
321 /trunk jpd002 6 years Added make_convertible in convertible class.
320 /trunk jpd002 6 years Fixed EnsurePathExists on Win32/WinRT.
319 /trunk jpd002 6 years Added (x, y) position of the cursor in OnMouseWheel.
Removed FREECOM macro since we have CComPtr now.
318 /trunk jpd002 6 years Added "GetPersonalDataPath" for WinRT and made "EnsurePathExists" more robust.
Some cleanups in Singleton.h.
317 /trunk jpd002 6 years Added children clipping flags in Win32::CTab.
316 /trunk jpd002 6 years Added a new way to handle the "default" window class that can be used to create windows more easily. The class is created once and used by everyone that needs it.
315 /trunk jpd002 6 years Fixed a bit in Win32::CComPtr.
Added a missing "static" keyword in string_format.
314 /trunk jpd002 6 years Changed Win32::CSplitter API to return RECTs instead of passing RECTs by pointer.
Added ScreenToClient in Win32::CRect.

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