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253 /trunk jpd002 7 years ZipArchiveReader changes:
- Switched usage of boost::regex to std::regex.
- Removed GetFileHeadersBegin/End and added GetFileHeaders instead.
252 /trunk jpd002 7 years Removed usage of tr1 namespace.
Cleaned code a little bit.
Updated Iphone project.
251 /trunk jpd002 7 years Added x64 config.
250 /trunk jpd002 7 years Using built-in static_assert instead of BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT.
249 /trunk jpd002 7 years Added VS2010 project.
248 /trunk jpd002 7 years Fixed window subclassing bug on x64.
Added ListViewEx which is a double buffered list view.
247 /trunk jpd002 7 years Added StdStreamUtils.
246 /trunk jpd002 8 years Added missing static qualifiers in Base64.h
245 /trunk jpd002 8 years Fixed bug where a stored file in a zip could be read past its end.
244 /trunk jpd002 8 years Added layout stuff in the iPhone project.
243 /trunk jpd002 8 years Fixed CreateMDIWindow to fail because of wrong handling of WM_NCCREATE in CWindow.
Cleaned code in CWindow and CInputBox.
242 /trunk jpd002 8 years Added support for some more messages in Win32::CWindow.
Fixed a bug when there is 0 elements in dialog template in Win32::CDialog.
241 /trunk jpd002 8 years Beautification of code.
240 /trunk jpd002 8 years Fixed string_cast from wchar to char. I wasn't using wcstombs properly.
239 /trunk jpd002 8 years Added virtual destructor in CConfig.
238 /trunk jpd002 8 years Added Dialog manager support in Win32.
237 /trunk jpd002 8 years Added x64 configs.
236 /trunk jpd002 8 years Added Win32::CTaskBarList class.
Added SetBitmap and SetIcon functions in Win32::CButton.
Added SetText function in Win32::CMenuItem
Changed the way SetToolText is implemented in Win32::CToolTip.
235 /trunk jpd002 8 years Added support for reading stored files in zip archives.
Added GetFileHeader function in ZipArchiveReader.
234 /trunk jpd002 8 years Added DestroyChild function in Win32::MDIClient.

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