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Rev Path Author Age Log message
355 /tags/suserver_0.02/build_macosx/ jpd002 6 years Created tag for Seventh Umbral Server v0.02
336 /trunk/build_macosx/ jpd002 6 years Updated MacOSX project.
334 /trunk/build_macosx/ jpd002 6 years Updated MacOSX build project.
276 /trunk/build_macosx/ jpd002 7 years Added move constructor definition in CStdStream and made it non-copyable.
Cleaned up some files.
Updated MacOSX project.
274 /trunk/build_macosx/ jpd002 7 years Streamlined the function names in PathUtils so that they can be used on MacOSX and Win32.
Updated MacOSX project.
266 /trunk/build_macosx/ jpd002 7 years Updated MacOSX and iOS projects.
256 /trunk/build_macosx/ jpd002 7 years Updated MacOSX project.
Minor compilation fixes for Xcode/C++11.
222 /trunk/build_macosx/ jpd002 9 years Moved Framework xcodeproj for MacOS X version.

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