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355 /tags/suserver_0.02/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Created tag for Seventh Umbral Server v0.02
349 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Rehabilitated MySql stuff.
347 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years - Win32::CWindow is now non-copyable but some leaf classes implement move semantics.
- Added ActiveXHost and WebBrowser classes.
341 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Added Win32Defs.h to define either FRAMEWORK_WIN_DESKTOP or FRAMEWORK_WIN_APP without having to insert the WINAPI_FAMILY_PARTITION macro in the code.
316 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Added a new way to handle the "default" window class that can be used to create windows more easily. The class is created once and used by everyone that needs it.
311 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Added string_format.
310 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Added std::make_unique and will remove it when C++14 is available.
308 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Moved all the bitmap stuff in its own directory.
304 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Added crummy JPEG decoding library taken from an old project.
303 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Added CThreadPool class.
296 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Added AddAlphaChannel function in CBitmap.
Added CComPtr class in Win32 namespace.
288 /trunk/build_win32/ jpd002 6 years Removed "build_msvc100" folder and created a new "build_win32" folder with VS2012 projects.

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