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355 /tags/suserver_0.02/include/ jpd002 6 years Created tag for Seventh Umbral Server v0.02
354 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Compilation fix.
352 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Cleaned XML handling code.
351 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Enable IE9 mode in Win32::CWebBrowser.
349 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Rehabilitated MySql stuff.
348 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Added thread-safe singleton.
347 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years - Win32::CWindow is now non-copyable but some leaf classes implement move semantics.
- Added ActiveXHost and WebBrowser classes.
346 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Added wchar_t support to string_format.
345 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Added some default values to HWND only constructors in CComboBox, CEdit, CStatic.
Added support for WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC in CDialog and cleaned up CWindow handling of that message.
342 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Added "read-only" mode to CConfig (for server style configurations) and cleaned up its code.
341 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Added Win32Defs.h to define either FRAMEWORK_WIN_DESKTOP or FRAMEWORK_WIN_APP without having to insert the WINAPI_FAMILY_PARTITION macro in the code.
340 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Added a string_format that takes a va_list param.
338 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Use better include for alloca on BSD platforms.
337 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Added easier way to get source state in OpenAl::CSource.
335 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Xcode compilation fixes.
331 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Added ReadString and Read32_MSBF in CStream.
329 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Added build_unix and updated PathUtils to work on unix
328 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Added "ReadString" function in CStream and fixed stack overflow problem in CZipArchiveReader.
327 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Cleaned DeviceContext and CustomDrawn classes, added TextOut with color parameter in CDeviceContext.
326 /trunk/include/ jpd002 6 years Using proper include for varargs in string_format.

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